Monday, 24 September 2012


Hai and assalamualaikum buddies. :) guys. when we areready to accept someone in our life means we are also ready to cry for him. :') no matter what happen i never forget you. and my birthday yesterday. you usually the first to wish me. but now at rest. you are not here.     i'm really miss you. please come back. :'( what nonsense? ape aku mengarut nii. aku merintih macam mane pon lambat lagi die nak balik. arghhh. 
Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to meeeeeeeeee........ hahahaha. welll guy. i just want to say thank you very much for my family n my beloved frens. i love you guyss :* especially my frens tasya. haha budak ini dari awal pagi aku masok class sampai balek asyik menyanyi jee. she is very funny girlfriend thats i have. she never have felling sad. always smile lough and always cheer to others. :D that's why i love him. very much as a frens. sunyi kelas takde die wooooo. weeeee~ thanks jugak pada zaty and zuha that because die sanngup tunggu  pkol 12 semata-mata nak wish aku. kennn. sweetnya korangg :')))  although I have felt a bit aggrieved because that my bf is not here. i miss him that my post title say~ no mesej, no call? hmm whatt the hell? :'( i misss youuuu so muchhhhh! to me. my birthday is nothing. nothing without you. :') true love is when we are still able to smile, whilst praying for her happiness even if he has to release it go. if we love someone we will always pray even though he was not on our side. 
Baiii you guysss :)

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