Sunday, 7 October 2012

Boring on sunday.

Assalamualaikum and hi guyss :) i'm just bored and need a friend to talk. hmm but idon't have any friendss at home. that what i call ' boring on sunday ' :((
i really don't know why i'm so lazy to study although my final exam getting nearly. o.O
*Final examm -.- ouchhh debaranya mcm hapeee><
i just hope i that i can make my parents proud of mee. it will be happen. insyallah :))
And to pmr candidates good luck for your battle on this tuesday. do the bestt :)) raise the name of our school. hahaha :DD
insyallah you're can do itt. :)
Want to know. aku tengah geram sorang budak nii. budak fb lahh and budak sekolah aku jugak -.- pehhh mybe die tengah desperate sangat kot dengan sorang jantan ni, setiap kali aku onl pehh penoh news feeds aku name dieee. jenuhhh aku nak ke bawahh cari name orang lainnn. status die all is about that's jentenn. hm hm boinkk baceee. ' dek you only just 14 y/o. right now you still do not need husband. do not be too worried about that's' pfttt. you're still young. =.= cepat lah terase dekk. takdelah penuh news feeds aku lagiiii. hahaha :DD
thats whats i'm doing in every sunday '' bloging''. :)


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